I spent quite a lot of time last week photographing peonies. Their scent filled the air for several days and even when they started to die they still seemed so beautiful. Not the perfect beauty they were when they first opened, but still there was something quite captivating about their appearance. This image inspired me to write the following poem.


As Beauty Fades  by Kusuma

That bud that once unfolded full of new life is now a distant memory,
The delicate petals that carried the scent of youth are now curling
The colour of my beauty fading,
Wrinkled petals, pink, turning to brown,
Do you still love me?
My scent no longer fills your heart with a smile.
I look different; my shape, my colour, and my energy have changed, but I am still here, holding on to life until the last petal falls.
Then, what then?
As I scatter to the four winds remember me.
A bud that once bloomed; my scent filling your heart with love.
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